Slackline Kit

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Gibbon Slackline Classic

Gibbon slacklineThe Classic Gibbon Slackline is the most popular type of slackline on the market today. It`s main goal is to satisfy everyone`s needs – beginners, advanced or even children.

Very easy to use, compact and not expensive. (Read on …)

Gibbon Jibline

gibbon jiblineThe Gibbon Jibline was designed to offer you much more dynamic effect. The line is very bouncy so it`s ideal for jump and tricks!

So if you want to try those or if you are already bored from just walking, this one is for you. (Read on …)

Gibbon Funline

gibbon funlineThe Gibbon Funline is an ideal choice for all beginners and children who want to start slacklining. It`s less bouncy so it is much easier to hold the balance on it – ideal for learning how to slackline. (Read on …)

Gibbon Surfline

gibbon surflineThe new Gibbon Surfline has been designed to offer you maximum ability to surf and bounce. Classical walking is obvious but here you are offered a new challenge to your abilities and tricklining skills!

(Read on …)

Gibbon Travelline

Gibbon TravellineThe Gibbon Travelline is a new type of slackline, designed to fit into your backpack easily so you can carry it with you everywhere you go. It is light and compact – ideal to take on vacations! (Read on …)