Slackline Kit

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How to set-up the Gibbon Slackline kit

As you can see, it`s really simple and quick, you can have you Gibbon Slackline kit ready in a few minutes. Just don`t forget to protect the trees 🙂

Learn more about the Gibbon Slackline here.

And if you would like to read some time how to actually walk the line, check out this guide 😉

How to set-up the Mammut Slackline kit

As you can see, the rigging system is little bit more complicated but provides great flexibility and control. You can also remove the ratchet (for safety reasons) which is a great advantage.

Also don`t forget to protect the trees when setting up the slackline kit 🙂

Learn more about the Mammut slackline here.

Kids & Slackline set

kid slackliningIf you have kids, I would highly recommend you to try slacklining with them. They will love it!

The Gibbon Funline kit particularly is perfect for this ocassion, set it up between two trees, not so high above the ground and hours of fun are guaranteed. Just don`t let your kids do the set-up by themselves 🙂

Another great tip I have heard is to set the slackline up over the swimming pool – just try it, you won`t believe how funny it can be!