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Slackline kit – Which is the best?

Slackline kit is the most popular line setup today – you get everything you need in one pack and you can start slacklining right away. But which one is the best? Which one will offer you the best capabilities? We have chosen four most popular kits available nowadays:

Gibbon Classic Slackline kit

Gibbon slackline kitPrice: Price Not Found

The most popular type of slackline on the market today. It`s main goal is to satisfy everyone`s needs – beginners, advanced or even children. No matter how experienced you are, this line will serve you well.

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Mammut Slackline kit

mammut slackline kitPrice:

An advanced type of slackline kit, it features very sophisticated set-up system that increases safety to a maximum. If you are an experienced slackliner or plan to become one, I would recommend you this one.

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Gibbon Jibline

gibbon jiblinePrice: Price Not Found

The Jibline was designed to offer you much more dynamic effect. The line is very bouncy so it`s ideal for jump and tricks! So if you want to try those or if you are already bored from just walking, this one is for you.

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Gibbon Funline

gibbon funlinePrice: Price Not Found

An ideal choice for all beginners and children who want to start slacklining. It`s less bouncy so it is much easier to hold the balance on it – ideal for learning how to slackline.

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Well I hope I`ve helped you decide which slackline kit is the right choice for you. Every of these is of high-quality, safe and will offer you many hours of entertainment.

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