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Slackline kit & tree protection

slackline tree protectionAs I have written earlier, tree protection should be one of your primary goals when slacklining. Not only damaging trees is vandalism, but you can also damage you gear!

Just take two pieces of carpet, cardboard or some other material and pad the areas where the slackline touches the tree (take a look at the picture). Cardboard is easily accessible, but doesn`t perform well in rain or snow – a carpet simply provides better protection so if you have the possibility, grab one.

gibbon treewear setGibbon also produces special tree protection called "Treewear" – it contains two parts, large enough to protect the bark. If you don`t mind spending some extra cash, this is a great choice. You can buy it here.

Also remember – always anchor your slackline to strong and healthy tree that has at least 12 inches in diameter and has a hard bark!

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