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Gibbon Jibline

gibbon jiblineThe Gibbon Jibline was designed to offer you much more dynamic effect. The line is very bouncy so it`s ideal for jump and tricks!

So if you want to try those or if you are already bored from just walking, this one is for you.

  • Of course the Gibbon easy 2 part set-up system is used, you will have the line ready for slacklining in 2 minutes!
  • The webbing is thin and flexible so it provides a trampoline like effect. It is also 2 inch wide to help you with stability.
  • Added grip is provided by a rubber based print.
  • The Jibline can be set to length up to 49 ft (15m).

Here is a short video about using the Gibbon Jibline to perform some weird jumps, even a backflip!

Find more info or buy the Gibbon Jibline here!

And if you would like some more video training to learn some tricks, visit this page.

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