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Gibbon Funline

gibbon funlineThe Gibbon Funline is an ideal choice for all beginners and children who want to start slacklining. It`s less bouncy so it is much easier to hold the balance on it – ideal for learning how to slackline.

  • Like all Gibbon lines, the Funline also uses the 2 inch wide webbing for increased stability and 2 part system with ratchet for quick and safe setting-up.
  • Less bouncy line – perfect introduction to slacklining for you.
  • There is also a rubberized print on the webbing to provide added grip.
  • The length of Funline is up to 49 feet (15m).

Start slacklining with your children – I can guarantee you they will love it. Set the line up in your garden, park or over the swimming pool and have fun!

Learn more or buy the Gibbon Funline here!

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