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Slackline kit

Hello everybody! No matter if you are a complete beginner or more experienced slackliner, you have come to the right place. You probably want some information about what a slackline kit (or set) is, which one to choose, where to buy it or how to use it – and I will answer all of these questions.

So lets start right away!

What is a Slackline kit?

Slackline kitWhen you want to set-up a slackline, you have basically two options – construct it using some climbing gear, carabiners etc. or buy a slackline kit which contains everything you need to setup the slackline and have some fun. And particularly for the beginners I would definitely recommend the kit – because:

  • you get all the components you need and you are able to start slacklining right away
  • the kits are user-friendly and easy to use, you can setup your line in minutes
  • the ratchet lets you set tension easily just as you need
  • they are safer of course 🙂


Which to choose and where to buy it?

If you are wondering which slackline kit is the best for you, continue reading. I have chosen three sets that I would like to recommend you, simply because of their quality, price, availability on the internet and how easy to use are they. They come from respected brands Gibbon and Mammut.

I have chosen as a place where to buy them because of their extensive product assortment and great customer service including free shipping. So if your are interested in any of those slackline sets, just click the supplied link.


Gibbon Classic Slackline Kit – 15 meters

Gibbon Classic Slackline KitEasy to use – that`s what describes this set the most. And that makes it the ideal choice for a beginner in this wonderful sport – after reading the manual you will be able to set the line up in few minutes. Also very comfortable to walk on because of the 2 inch wide webbing.

You can get more information or buy it here.


Gibbon Classic Slackline Kit – 25 meters

A bigger brother of the previous set so all the advantages apply here as well – if you plan some longer moves, this one is for you. On Amazon it shares the same page as the previous one, you just select your preferred size there.


Mammut Slackline Kit – 20 meters

Mammut Slackline KitIf you are an experienced slackliner or plan to become one, I would suggest to invest the money into this gear. Yeah, the price is like twice as much but…it matches the quality. Webbing with two different surfaces, much more sophisticated rigging system and even enhanced safety. Also extremely easy and fast to set-up. You can view this slackline kit here .



For information about setting the slackline up and some other useful stuff, please visit the next section.

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